User education the project on IL
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Typology: academic library initiative - research project - courses for university students - e-learning courses-distance education - tutorial

SBA - University Libraries System of Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University
City: Bologna

SBA - University Libraries System of Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University
Viale Filopanti, 7
CAP 40126 Bologna
Tel. 051 2094260
Fax 051 2094372

Contact persons:
Working group

Alina Renditiso
Department of Education Sciences - Library
Tel. 051 20 98540

Dolve Bolzoni
Massimo Caravita
Claudio Fabbri
William Faeti
Federica Rossi
Silvia Tebaldi
Serena Marchionni
Fabio Zauli

User education the project on information literacy

Main goals
The project aims at:
        Organising and structuring the IL initiatives related to user education into standardised didactic modules;
        Obtaining their accreditation thanks to their high quality, so that the IL initiatives will be integrated into the curriculum.

Through the project:
        Information resources will be used more widely and awarely;
        The current IL initiatives related to user education will be bettered, centrally co-ordinated and structured;
        The educational offer will meet a higher standard level, which will be shared and valuable as well as other services.

It consists of 5 main steps:
1.      to census and monitor the ongoing initiatives;
2.      to product standardised modules, including a general propaedeutic cross-disciplinary tutorial and a specific disciplinary section (in presence and/or online);
3.      to negotiate the courses accreditation;
4.      to evaluate whether and how far the set aims are achieved;
5.      following this evaluation, to reformulate the actions to be taken.

A working group has been established to support the project.

Detailed information about the project, its goals, realization phases and work methodology are available in Italian

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