User training AY 2005-2006
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Typology: academic library initiative - courses for university students

CIB - Inter Library Center, University Libraries System of Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University

CIB - Inter Library Center, University Libraries System of Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University
Viale Filopanti, 7
40126 Bologna
Tel. 051 2094260
Fax 051 2094266

Contact persons:
Alina Renditiso
Department of Education Sciences - Library
Tel. 051 20 98540

Gisella Fidelio (Information literacy for historians)
Tel: 051-2097615

Carlo Podaliri (Training on legal and business databases)
Tel.: 051-2098094-92

Massimo Caravita (Eur-lex course)
Tel. 051-2099627

Claudio Fabbri (Bibliographic searching)
Tel.: 051-2097552

Roberta Falco (How to search in the library)
Tel. 0547 339830

Maria Cristina Labanti (Online bibliographic searching)

Gianmario Merizzi (Seminar on musical bibliography)
Tel.: 051 223943

Federica Rossi (Laboratory: introduction to library use and bibliographic searching)

User training AY 2005-2006

During the academic year many university libraries organise user training sessions.

Target groups: university library users (university students, PhD students)
Level: basic, advanced and specialised


Information literacy for historians
Laboratory: information competencies for History - June 2006

Target group: History students
Level: basic and advanced

Main contents

Presentation of the CIL tutorial (2 hours)
Deepenings (2 hours each)
- OPAC Sebina, Bologna pole, Index SBN (National Library System);
- MetaOpac Azalai, Karlsruhe
- National collective catalogue of periodicals, e-journals, full-text platforms.
Full text databases (2 hours each): Patrologia Latina Database, Monumenta Germaniae Historica (eMGH 3); Library of Latin Texts (CLCLT 5).
Bibliographic databases (2 hours each): Historical Abstracts; DYABOLA (Dynamically Accumulating Databases on Objects and Literature About Antiquity).
Ebrary - Interdisciplinary full text database collecting documents of different kind: e-books, e-journals, musical documents, maps and reports.

Training on legal and business databases
Course - May-June 2006

Target group: PhD students
Level: basic and advanced

The University Libraries of the Law, Economics, Business and Statistics areas provide PhD students with training on legal and business databases. The course includes 3 modules:
- Module 1: Bloomberg and Datastream, two essential tools for analysing financial markets (about 2 hours each session);
- Module 2: Guided tour of the Proquest /Abi inform (Introduction: 1 and half hours; Proquest /Abi inform: 2 hours);
- Module 3: The main international legal and business database: Lexis-Nexis (2 hours).

Eur-lex course
Seminar (duration: 3 hours) - May 2006

Target group: everyone interested in retrieving EU legal documentation
Level: basic

The European Documentation Centre of Bologna offers seminars (3 hours each) in order to present
EUR-Lex: European Union law, the new EU legal portal
The course aims at providing the basic competencies in correctly interrogating the EUR-Lex portal and effectively using its resources.

Bibliographic searching  
Seminar (duration: 3 hours) - April-May 2006

Target groups: Veterinary Medicine students and  PhD students
Level: basic

Each month the G. B. Ercolani Library organizes a course on bibliographic searching for Veterinary Medicine students and PhD students.  It aims at providing the participants with basics on CAB Abstracts, a database specialised for Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.
Theoretical part of the course (about 90 minutes) - Main topics:
- The scientific databases and their use: a general outline (search procedures, techniques, and strategies);
- CAB Abstracts: contents and structure;
- How to use the search interface WebSPIRS 5.03;
- How to use the online catalogues in order to locate documents.
Practical part: exercises with the support of librarians.

How to search in the Library
No-credit course (duration: 4 hours in all) - February 2006

Target group: university students (Psychology)
Level: basic and advanced

The Library of the Faculty of Psychology organises no- credit courses on the use of information resources available at the library and on the net.
It consists of 2 modules:
1. Basic (2 hours): introduction to bibliographic searching in the online catalogues; it is propaedeutic to the second one.
Advanced (2 hours): searching the databases; disciplinary databases (Psychology, Social Science, Medicine).

Online bibliographic searching

Books and journals for university study… within reach of mouse
Course (duration: 1 and half hours) - February-April 2006

Target group: university students (freshers)
Level: basic

The Central Biomedical Library organises basic courses for freshers on online bibliographic searching.

Seminar on musical bibliography 

Musical documents and texts available on the Internet
Credit-earning (2 CFU) seminar
(duration: about 30 hours in all) - February-April 2006

Target group:  students of the Department of Music and Show (esp. students attending the course of History of Music)
Level: advanced and specialised

The course consists of about 30 hours in all: 
- 15 hours in presence;.
- about 15 hours of self learning / distance education.
Main contents
- Musical text, musical notations, musical bibliography and their peculiarities: a synthetic historical perspective;
Requirements of the musical edition as musicological source;
Content typologies and online availability of written musical texts (sites, databases, digital libraries); different procedures, purposes and publishing policies; free circulation and copyright law limits;
The most widespread digital formats for written music and their telematic distribuibility; technological requirements for consulting and handling them from the scholars;
Tools and methodologies for searching and evaluating online documents;
Bibliographic citation of documents. 

Laboratory: introduction to library use and bibliographic searching
Credit-earning (5 CFU) seminar (duration: 30 hours in all) - AY 2005-2006: 1st Semester - December 2005-April 2006

Target group:  Humanities students 
Level: basic and advanced

The laboratory was set up by the Library of the Department of Italian Language and Literature together with the teaching of Bibliography and Biblioteconomy.
It aims at providing students with tools essential for bibliographic searching.
The laboratory gives 5 educational credits (CFU) to students attending Language and Literature, History and Linguistics degree courses. The attendance is mandatory for the recognition of the educational credits.
The seminar consists of 15 units (2 hours each):
- Libraries and their services 1: a reference framework
- Libraries and their services 2: front office and back office
- Bibliographic
directories 1: introduction
- Bibliographic directories 2: biographic research
- Consultation rooms in Bologna 1: the University Library
- Consultation rooms in Bologna 2: the Library of the Archiginnasio
- Consultation rooms in Bologna 3: the Library of the Department of Italian Language and Literature
- OPACs 1: introduction
- OPACs 2: search exercises
- Online and off-line databases 1: introduction
- Online and off-line databases 2: disciplinary databases for Language and Literature
- Paper and electronic periodicals
- The semantic search on the web: tools
- Experiences in comparison: advanced search paths
- The paratext and the scientific publications: indexes and bibliographies

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