Previous activities (AY 2004-2005)
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Typology: academic library initiative - research project - courses for adults - courses for university students - tutorials

CIB - Inter Library Center, University Libraries System of Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University

CIB - Inter Library Center, University Libraries System of Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University
Viale Filopanti, 7
40126 Bologna
Tel. 051 2094260
Fax 051 2094266

Contact persons:
Valentina Comba

Alina Renditiso

Tutorials Working Group:
Alina Renditiso (co-ordinator)
Massimo Caravita
William Faeti
Serena Marchionni

Serena Spinelli
Fabrizio Morroia
Alessandra Giampaolo 

Previous activities (AY 2004-2005)

Courses for university library users (university students)
Courses for librarians
basic, advanced and specialised

User education: bibliographic and documentary research
These training initiatives, in agreement with the international debate about long-life learning, have been conceived and structured according to international standards.
They are funded by the subproject “Libraries and Museums” within “Ten projects for the Didactics”.

The subproject “Information Literacy” includes:

  1. Trainers Training
    In order to train librarians
    who support didactics in bibliographic and documentary searching, the courses focus on communication and various phases of an educational intervention. They are designed with the collaboration of a psychologist-pedagogist and modularly structured.

  2. Courses, Seminars and Laboratories
    Through short courses, seminars and laboratories – arranged together with the university teachers – librarians train students in using general and disciplinary information resources.

  3. Tutorial
    An information literacy tutorial, including self-evaluation features, is produced and made available online.

Activated courses:
·    Psychology of the Art
·    History of the Architecture
·    Bibliographic Research for Radiology Technicians
·    Engineering and Architecture
·    Industrial Chemistry
·    Chemistry
·    Veterinary Science
·    Education Sciences
·    Law Sciences

An useful report about the ALMA DL project, courses and CIB’s activities is available in Italian at: (removed in 2006)

information literacy - courses for university library users – courses for librarians – trainers training – courses and laboratories for university students – IL tutorial – general information resources  - disciplinary information resources

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