European Guide to good Practice in Knowledge Management - Part 1: Knowledge Management Framework 
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Date:  March 2004
Typology: policy initiative - framework-model - guide
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March 2004

European Guide for good Practice in Knowledge Management - Part 1: Knowledge Management Framework

CWA 14924-1:2004 (E)
Enablers for KM - Personal knowledge capabilities
The skills that a person needs to perform the core knowledge processing activities efficiently are often overlooked. Some of these personal KM skills include:

  • being aware of how to make tacit knowledge explicit

  • encourage sharing of knowledge through the development of active listening skills – such as replaying in one’s own words what a colleague has said, in order to check if the understanding is correct

  • how to communicate knowledge effectively to others

  • how to structure knowledge in documents in a reader friendly manner

  • how to define effective search strategies and to understand the query results adequately

  • how to select and use external knowledge (e.g. content from third parties).

These personal skills could be evaluated through 'knowledge skill tests' and improved through training and learning by doing. If these capabilities are actively developed (e.g. by learning and education) and encouraged, then, over time, a more 'knowledge conscious behaviour' should be witnessed within both the individual and the wider organization." (p. 13)


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